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I love to solve problems with a technical solution and I am absolutely convinced that technology can be used to facilitate every day’s aspect of life.

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Part 4: Putting it all together (that’s where you are now)

TL;DR part 1–3

In the previous 3 parts we have covered the basic idea of setting up an infrastructure divided by a public and a private part. In parts 2 and 3 we did the configuration and setup of our Ubuntu Raspberry Pi server and Open Media Vault as our NAS system. …

Table of Content

Part 1: Modeling our network setup (that’s where you are now)

So you’re interested in hosting your own services inside your home network? This makes sense, as it’s getting more and more easy (and cheap!) to host your own services like a private cloud or even dynamic websites in your home network.

With 2021 coming, I was getting frustrated by all the different services I had to pay and coordinate. I was using Google Drive, Dropbox and One Drive just in…

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Part 3: Setting up our Ubuntu server (that’s where you are now!)

Part 3: Setting up our Ubuntu server

TL;DR of part 2

In part 2 we have installed Open Media Vault and configured our NAS to provide us with NFS and CIFS/Samba. We extended the default OMV installation with OMV-Extras and installed the plugin to shutdown our NAS in case of non existent activity (electricity’s unfortunately not for free). …

Table of Content

Part 2: Setting up our NAS (that’s where you are now)

Part 2: Setting up our NAS

TL;DR of part 1

Hardware is getting cheaper and more economic, that’s why we want to create the perfect home network setup with a cheap Raspberry Pi 4 and self-built NAS. As a reminder: We chose to split our network into a public and private part, where the public part will be hosting our own websites and our cloud, both accessible from the outside. The private part will be managing our services we think…

Maximilian Kilian

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